A photo of the earth from space
A photo of the earth from space
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

I recently officially launched a new podcast called “World Web Stories”. My goal is to interview at least one person from almost every country in the world. This is one of my challenges for 2021.

Why launching a new podcast?

I initially launched “World Web Stories” in 2017. At this time, I was living in Mauritius and I wanted to interview Francophone people who would be willing to share their story and their experience. I did 5 episodes in French which you can still listen to on Youtube. My motivation was based on showing younger people that any path can lead to working with the…

Photo of a white lock icon on a purple fullscreen background displayed on a cellphone screen by Franck on Unsplash

In 2023 alone, cybercriminals will steal 33 billion records. It takes 196 days on average to identify a data breach. The cost of a data breach will reach $150 million by 2020… These numbers may be scary but they are only previsions. Things could be much worse in the near future. Security has become a hot topic these last years, almost everyone on the planet has already heard about a company data breach or even a friend that lost his Facebook account because someone hacked it! No one is completely safe nowadays.

I’ve recently spent multiple hours ensuring that all…

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I’m not a psychologist or either a student in psychology. I spent a good amount of time in my life reading personal development books but in the end, I’m just a Front-End Web developer, who writes code. I had the chance to live in different countries and created real and profound relationships with people with different cultures, different colors, different ages, different religions, different visions of the world… I couldn’t imagine my life without all these persons and what they brought to my existence.

Talking and sharing life’s moments with all these people made me realized something you may know…

Face à une population vieillissante et à toujours plus de demandes d’hospitalisations, comment les hôpitaux font-il face?

Il semblerait que le système hospitalier en France se soit dégradé ces dernières années, du moins, en ce qui concerne les délais d’attente dans certains centres hospitaliers. Cela fait exactement 16 jours que ma Maman s’est fracturée le radius (avec déplacement) suite à une chute. Cela fait maintenant 6 jours qu’elle est hospitalisée à l’hôpital Trousseau de Tours dans le département d’Indre-et-Loire et attends d’être opérée. Des délais importants et souvent inexpliqués. On pourrait bien sûr croire à un cas isolé, mais malheureusement, il n’en est rien.

Des témoignages qui n’en finissent pas

Lorsque j’ai publié mon tweet le 10 décembre concernant l’état de ma Maman…

Ensure your web applications are air tight and high quality with these open source checklists covering engineering, design, and performance

You may have heard about the “Front-End Checklist” — a project that I launched in October 2017 on GitHub. It started out as a simple project to help my team in Mauritius but transformed into huge project with international support, receiving over 28,000 GitHub stars and translated into more than 10 different languages.

Since then, I have been diving deeper into additional checklists that could help me and the community to further improve our work. Here is a list of all the checklists currently available to help ensure the highest quality of your web applications. …

An exhaustive list of all the elements that will speed up your current web developments and offer the best user experience.

You know Flash?… Well, now you can say “I’m the new Flash Dev 😅”

After the initial Front-End Checklist and the Front-End Design Checklist, I wanted to continue creating more deep and complete Front-End checklists.

For years, I’ve been passionate about performance, so I naturally choose to focus this time, on a Front-End Performance Checklist. And this is not an easy topic, that’s probably why I’ll continue in the next days to work on it and which hopefully result in a complete checklist for Front-End developers (and for my team at Influitive Engineering).

(the original checklist can be found on Github)

Table of Contents

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Fonts
  4. Images
  5. JavaScript
  6. Server (in progress)
  7. JS Frameworks (in progress)



In October 2017, I launched my first open-source project on Github: the Front-End Checklist. In few hours, the project gained international visibility. After that, for a number of weeks, I had an incredible journey with many people around the world. I recently started giving talks in local communities around Spain and Portugal about the project, and I plan to check out France later on.

Doing these presentations gave me a different perspective and vision about the worldwide communities who organize meetups regularly. …

An Exhaustive List of all the Elements which Web Designers and Front-End Developers need to take into Consideration to Facilitate their Collaboration.

The Design Checklist for Front-End Developers is an exhaustive list of elements which Web Designers and Front-End Developers need to take into consideration to facilitate their collaboration. The following elements are a mix between known practices and new elements based on a long experience analysing web designs.

In case you are looking for a list of all elements you need to have/to test before launching your site/HTML page to production, take a look on the → Front-End Checklist.

Table of Contents

1. — Design requirements

  • 1.1 Grid system
  • 1.2 Colors
  • 1.3 Fonts and texts
  • 1.4 Links and navigation
  • 1.5 Images / Icons
  • 1.6…

After I’ve been invited by my previous company to move to Mauritius to manage a Front-End Developer’s team, I’m now looking forward to choose where I want to move next. I’ve been working for many years in Paris, but going back to France, like some of my compatriotes I know, is not an option for me.

When you start living outside your native country, creating worldwide links with others, you know that you can’t just “go back”. You can’t live ignoring the fact that being out of your comfort zone is the best thing that you can experience in life…

A screenshot of the Front-End Checklist repository (numbers are already outdated since I finished writing that article)

Last month I launched two open source projects on GitHub. A few days later, my Front-End Checklist was showing more than 6,000 stars (17,000 as of writing). And I got 600 stars for my Resources-Front-End-Beginner project!

It was unexpected for me to receive such support coming from so many people around the globe: USA, Brazil, China, Japan, France, Canada, Spain, Mauritius, Japan, Portugal... Even now, I still can’t believe how many pull requests I received with changes and corrections these last days.

For so long I received gifts from the open source world. Now I felt it was finally time…

David Dias

Software Engineer with a passion for Front-End & UX / UI • Life hacker who ♥ coding, meditation and solving digital and human problems

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